Friday, October 2, 2009


Some things I recently learned that I should have always known: Every man does not like to be rubbed up on; translation is confused between Portuguese to Flemish to English; Northern Ireland's soldiers are not a part of the Irish military; and bureaucracy takes a long time no matter the country.

All things considered, this week could only be counted amongst the greatest.

On the first note, the one that excites me the most, I finally have a thesis topic. Go figure it would be to attempt to prove that an ancient text which has long since thought to be influenced by one particular philosopher is actually influenced by a completely other person. Either a genius or a fool - I wouldn't have it any other way.

I also started my first class on Improvisation today. Every week we will be getting together and I will be showing anyone who wishes to come all I have learned throughout the years. Which of course, in the grand scheme of things is not much. But in the world of the blind the man with the walking stick can at least beat other people from a distance.

I can't believe the amount of partying that is done by people in this University. Well, it might just be that I have come to know so many that I could just go out any night with any random group - but still. I didn't get back to my room until four in the morning almost every night this week. It is always innocent enough, "why don't we go to the bar for a pint." Six hours later we've ended up across Dublin singing "I've got a Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas to the taxi cab driver. Who may or may not join in with us.

I reached a sense of satisfaction this week as well when I confused both an American and Canadian into thinking I was Irish. What is funny is, I wasn't even trying to do that. I was talking in the small accent I have picked up here (which anyone from Europe can see through immediately) and both of them thought I was Irish. One small step for me!

I've also had many a late night conversations with my Russian roommate. An awesome guy, but still working out the finer points of the English language. Which is funny because I never realized how complex the words and way we speak is compared to other countries. Sure, we might find them confusing as well - but there are more languages that make sense to French, Russian, Italian, and German people than English. It is also fun to figure out where our slang originates as he asks why in the world we would say "Holy Crap" or "Wanna."

And I am officially allowed to stay in Ireland for the year! WOOHOO! Very important. This means I can go request my PPS (like America's SSN) and visit some other countries. Going to be a grand time.

Alright, well I am off for now. Have to get up tomorrow morning and scope out some of the Fencing competition before November. Cya everyone!


  1. Bob,

    I'm immensely enjoying readining this blog and your adventures. I totally agree about English being so hard to learn... there are SO MANY rule breakers. I teach Spanish, and it is soooo much easier to teach than English. Every language has grammar rule breakers, but I can't even imagine learning English as a 2nd language.

    Anyway, keep the posts coming and stay safe :-)

  2. Dear Bob,

    I totally ditto everything Kami said. Of course, I'm not surprised, she is pretty much god.

    Glad to hear you're doing so weeeeeelll!!!! I have to tell you about the most AMAZING corn maze I did today!!! 1.5 miles if you DON'T get lost. CRAZY!!!!