Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week Two

So, I am up late writing this post because my sleep schedule is officially messed up. Looks like going to bed before three A.M. is just a natural impossibility for me. Oh well, the night life is pretty grand over here. Especially when you're lost down town being led by a drunk man in the middle of the night.

So, the week started off fairly well. As most of you know I had the fun task of surviving the last weekend on only a few euros. It was easy enough for the first few days. But the appeal of cheap pasta and cheaper tomato past was becoming unbearable. So I did what any poor college student would do - swipe from student clubs. See, during this time known as "Fresher's Week" all the student clubs are trying to get people to join and they offer many goodies if you do so. One of which is free pizza every hour from 11 - 2 during the week. The only catch is, you have to have the card from that club. Heh, well, you're suppose to anyways. Needless to say, I ate lunch for free and didn't get tired of pizza. (Don't worry though, I eventually did sign up for the clubs - too many probably.)

One club in particular, DramaSoc, I am excited about in a new way. This is because at UCD there really isn't an Improv group per say. Really, there is just workshops done randomly throughout the year. When I told them I wanted to start one up and had quite a few years experience, they asked me if I would be willing to teach classes on the subject. I was elated! I would love to not only do improv but teach improv, definitely an amazing moment in my life. I just hope all goes well.

In more academic news, I found out how useless Irish Banks can be - no offense! This is because the UK doesn't really count them when it comes to Internet transactions. The system is slightly different over here and so my debit card is not registered as a proper number (the first four digits do not match the company's common digits in the UK.) Of course, if I visit any store in-person it is completely fine - go figure. Even Amazon failed me! No bother though, I found a local book store that can do online transactions with my card.

Other than that - things are going really well. I went out Friday night and had a blast at some Russian bar in down town Dublin. I am still amazed how they can switch so quickly from 80s pop to Beastie Boys then onward to Daft Punk and finish it off with Rage Against the Machine. And everyone dances, good or bad. It is rather funny, especially because you can't help but dance along. Just all about having a good time I suppose.

And finally, for those of you that have been asking (K-Boh especially) my address is:

G10-11-03 Glenomena Residences
University College Dublin
Dublin 4

Have a wonderful time everyone and I'll catch you later.


  1. Glad your having a good time :-) When are you allowed to start working?

  2. If I choose to start working it can't be for another month or so.

  3. HA! Thanks!!!!! I'm hoping that two stamps will cover a normal letter, if not! We shall see what happens! ^_^

    That improv thing is AWESOME! I'm so happy for you and I hope that lots of people enjoy it and enjoy your teaching ^_^ I wouldn't even know where to /start/ in teaching improv...I'm pretty terrible at it, so no surprise there! Although...I'm not so bad that I'd keep the Buddha game going when everyone is obviously trying to stop it, haha.

    Miss you!